Texas Longhorn
Sunrise over the Bay, Chincoteague Island National Wildlife Refuge
Green Heron, Lake Williams

Creativity is a large part of my life – graphic design and marketing are my profession. But as the years have gone by, Photography has become my passion and something I cannot live without. Having the ability to share with everyone the beauty that I see in ordinary, everyday things is amazing.

I revel in the possibility of opening someone’s eyes to something as simple as a bee on a flower, a bird perched on a branch or the sunlight hitting a leaf just perfectly. Beauty is all around you, but if you're not looking you can miss it. My goal is to ensure that you don't miss it, and to open your eyes to the world around you.

Birds are my favorite subject to photograph, due to their unpredictable behavior. But I find opportunities in everything. There isn't a subject that I won't explore and capture. When I am outside in nature, I am truly happy. I invite you into my perspective of the beauty that is nature.

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