Montauk Point State Park

Travel to the very edge of Long Island, and you will find that Montauk Point State Park is a pretty amazing location. The Montauk Point Lighthouse is certainly the main draw. It is a National Historic Landmark which opened back in 1796 and was commission by President George Washington himself. You can see a 360ª view of Block Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. Walking along the shore on both sides of the lighthouse provides great views of the lighthouse itself, as well as some very interesting rocks, the Camp Hero Bluff, tons of seashells and small hermit crabs, and more. If you are brave, you can walk the rock wall around the lighthouse fence, but make sure you wear sneakers. And if you want a great experience and are physically fit, climb the more than 137 iron stairs to the top of the lighthouse and take in some fantastic views. I also highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat at George's Lighthouse Cafe; they have delicious food and a fantastic staff.


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